NFL Network host Rich Eisen joined the show to talk about the recent report that the networks won’t show the picks answering their phone before the official selection.

Eisen thinks this makes sense: ”It had to happen. It was getting completely out of control. There was no way to stop it. There was no way to tell teams they could not call their prospects. There is no way a team would ever forfeit that ability.”

Eisen also said there’s a chance they may stop information men — like Adam Schefter and Mike Lombardi — from revealing picks as well. Eisen said they still have the problem that teams can Tweet it out and that’s the next issue to resolve.

Eisen said that he could find out what the pick is before it comes out because the NFL gives it to them so they can get graphics ready.

Eisen said that Ryan Tannehill could drop to No. 6, which is close enough for the Dolphins to trade up from No. 8 to get the Texas A&M quarterback.