Former Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden joined the show to talk about the NFL Draft.

Dan asked Weeden how his age, 28, will help him. “I’ve already been a pro,” Weeden said. “From a maturity standpoint, I can handle more thrown on my plate quicker than the next guy.  … There’s a lot more positive than negatives.”

Weeden said at first teams were scared off by his age, but the more he sat with them, they came to see it more of a positive. Weeden said he hopes no one thinks less of him because of his age. “Treat me like I am 22,” Weeden said. “I don’t believe my age should even affect [anything]. I don’t think many people plan on playing 20 years in the NFL.”

Dan asked Weeden about Ryan Tannehill, who has shot up the draft board. “He doesn’t have as many starts as some people would like, but the guy has tools.

Weeden’s football career was put on hold for baseball (he was in the Yankees organization). Weeden broke down his baseball skills: ”Back in the day, I was one of those guys who could let it rip. I could throw mid-90s. For a high school kid that was pretty good. But once you’re in the pros, you can throw 110 and they’re going to hit it.”