Keith Olbermann joined the show to talk about Ozzie Guillen’s suspension for his comments on Fidel Castro and more.

Olbermann thinks a five-game suspension isn’t going to be enough. Olbermann pointed to interest groups in South Florida who are dedicated to bringing Guillen down.

Olbermann thinks that Guillen’s comments to Rick Telander a few years ago that praised Castro will really hurt Guillen. “You’re getting into Marge Schott territory,” Olbermann said.

Olbermann said that in some parts of the country,  it’s difficult to understand Castro is viewed as comparable to Hitler in South Florida.

Olbermann agreed with Dan that lines have been blurred and now sports is a very important forum for public discussion on social issues.  ”Sports is well ahead of the rest of society on these issues,” Olbermann said.