Sports Illustrated’s George Dohrmann joined the show to talk about his story about UCLA.

Dohrmann said he began the story to figure out why all of a sudden the Pac-10 is so bad. Dorhmann said that he found that answer and it revealed a lot about UCLA.

Dorhmann said that the Bruins did well not because of Ben Howland, but despite him. They had talented, mature players, like Kevin Love, who was mature as a freshman. Since then, Howland has been absent.

Dohrmann said that Howland is a master technician, but he doesn’t know how to handle talented players, like John Calipari. Dorhmann said in today’s game, you have to be able to do that.

Dohrmann said that there were three players he cited in the story who smoked pot excessively, and there were issues on the team with Ectasy.