CBS analyst Bill Cowher joined guest host Bonnie Bernstein to talk about the NFL playoffs.

Bernstein asked Cowher if he was surprised by the Steelers losing to the Broncos.

“It was surprising to a degree,” Cowher said. “You gotta give a lot of credit to Tim Tebow. The Steelers said if you’re going to beat us, you’re gonna beat us throwing.”

Cowher said that the Broncos had to open up their offense to win a playoff game.  “As you move along further in the playoffs,” Cowher said, “you can’t be one-dimensional.”

Cowher didn’t buy the story that teammates think Mark Sanchez is lazy. Cowher said he hasn’t missed a game and he’s taken a ton of hits. Cowher said Sanchez is tough and works hard.

Bonnie asked Cowher if he got calls about jobs this offseason. Cowher said he got multiple calls. But he’s entirely ready to go back. “If there’s any doubt, there’s no doubt you’re not going to come back,” Cowher said.