Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan joined the show to talk about the playoff race and more.

Dan asked Ryan who the best quarterback in the NFL is right now. “I think you have three guys playing at really high level: Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Tom Brady,” Ryan said. “I don’t know how you pick one.”

Ryan said he doesn’t buy into the notion of “system quarterback.” He said everyone is a system quarterback.

Dan asked Ryan what was wrong the first half of the season. “We played really inconsistently the first five weeks of the season,” Ryan said. “We cleaned up some of the mental errors and turnovers.”

Dan asked Ryan what he was like during the first half of the seaosn. “I try to be the same week in and week out,” Ryan said. “You have to put losses behind you and have a positive mindset.”

Ryan addressed the criticism that he doesn’t have the arm strength to hit the deep passes. He said that’s not true, they’ve made those plays this year. Ryan said he could throw 70 yards in the air.