Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson joined the show to talk about their loss to the Cowboys and more.

“There’s not a lot to be proud about when you look at the film,” Jackson said.

Jackson talked about going back to Dallas. They took down his family’s house to build the new stadium. Jackson said he and his family had fun the week leading up to the game. Jackson said his mother and brother got to walk where the house was in the East parking lot.

Jackson joked that it would have been cool if the stadium was on top of his old bedroom: “”It would have been pretty cool if I could have walked into the end zone and said this is where my room was,” Jackson said.

Dan asked Jackson about Rodney Harrison’s comments on Football Night in America that the Bills are done. “We don’t buy into that,” Jackson said. “We’re still confident in our abilities.”

Jackson looked back at a controversy from early in the season. Apparently, his wife picked him in the fifth round of his fantasy draft — after she took Michael Turner. “If I waited to the fifth round to take her,” Jackson said, “I would have never heard the end of it.”